About Ohio's Appalachian Country

Ohio's Appalachian Country encompasses 32 Ohio Counties designated as Appalachian by the Appalachian Regional Commission.  The region spans from the outskirts of Cincinnati to the edge of Cleveland, following the mighty Ohio River. 

Ohio's 32 Appalachian Counties are listed below by region.  Almost every county in the region offers a Visitors Bureau for information regarding attractions, lodging, shopping, dining and interesting sites to see.  We highly recommend contacting them to request additional information and to assist you in planning your adventure into Ohio's Appalachian Country.

Included in this region are some of Ohio's earliest settlements, Ohio's first capital, the largest Amish population in the world, ancient earthwork formations, state parks and lots of great food and art!


What makes Ohio's Appalachian Country different from other parts of Ohio?  Well, it's mostly "unglaciated" for one thing.  Millions of years ago, giant glaciers cut their way across much of Ohio, pushing up the land in front, and leaving the land behind virtually flattened by the weight and magnitude of the glaciers.  Eventually the trek of the glaciers ceased, leaving a portion of Ohio untouched or "unglaciated", and from this pushed up land a region full of hilltops, valleys, waterways, big boulders, ancient flora and fauna, and amazing scenic views was created.  This region is now known as Ohio's Appalachian Country.


In addition to the remarkable scenery, Ohio's Appalachian Country is best known for it's culture - a combination of deep-rooted history and a renewed sense of purpose.  Pottery is well-known throughout the region, being home to Roseville, Hartstone, McCoy and other companies located near the center of the region.

 Be sure to visit the numerous farmers markets and Amish markets located in every region.  The fresh and bountiful farms support not just our farmers markets, they also support farm-to-fork restaurants, wineries, breweries, heritage food festivals and many other distinctive food-based events. Many markets also feature locally-made furniture and gifts, too. 

To make it easy, Ohio's Appalachian Country has been divided into four regions, each filled with plenty to see and do.  Start with the region closest to your home and work your way north or south to see the amazing story of Ohio's frontier. 

For more information on US Appalachian states and the Appalachian Regional Commission, please visit ARC.gov.