Bon Appalachia


Bon Appalachia is an exciting promotion that showcases the abundance of local food and agritourism offerings in Appalachia. Our specially created map-guide features hundreds of local farms, farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, wineries, craft breweries and distilleries, and other distinctive culinary destinations and events. The people of Appalachia nominated these local food sites and experiences as things that should be on every traveler's "must" list. The map‐guide will be available throughout the Appalachian region. You may view the map online at 

The promotion was inspired by the fast‐growing demand from consumers for distinctive local food, which provided an opportunity to showcase the abundance and diversity of Appalachia’s food heritage as part of a broader tourism program that attracts visitors and supports rural economic development. The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) supported this effort in partnership with Food Traveler magazine and the thirteen Appalachian state tourism offices.